Brew Crew beats Nats, 3-0, on Monday night

Well, better late than never…Brewers beat the worst team in baseball, 3-0…no true surprises here…biggest news is that Capuano still has it–8 IP, 9 K’s and 0 ER’s; offense took a nap save Geoff Jenkins’ 3-run homer in the 2nd, off a frikkin’ southpaw. Crew has a 4-game win streak; Hardy’s hit streak is up to 18.
Side note: the Heller & Murphy show on ESPN 1070 here in Madison made note that Ned Yost and a few players’ are “terse” when providing answers to post-game interviews…well, maybe you guys would get better answers if you asked questions that were better than, “How did it feel tonight?” Geesh. They also noted that Friday’s FSN Wisconsin broadcast was the top-rated show in Milwaukee that night…guess you guys were right that the fans don’t care about the players’ treatment of the media.