I only caught part of the bottom of the first inning of the game yesterday, as I was heading out to the Badgers’ game…at Camp Randall, they showed that the Brewers had lost…but the radio broadcast said the Cubs had, too. So imagine my surprise when I logged on this morning to see the Brewers back 2½.
Looks like Yovani Gallardo settled down–3 hits and 2 walks while fanning 7 over 7? Yes, I know that John Smoltz was on the mound for the Braves…but only two hits?? Both pens did nicely, save for Cordero.
Soooo…Brewers have 8 games left; Cubs have 7. Elimination number (cominbation of Cubs wins and Brewers losses) is now only 6. Figure Cubs are going to win at least 3 of their remaining games…meaning the Brewers can only afford to lose 2 more…Sunday is their last road game of the season…and Sheets is scratched, so Chris Capuano gets the ball against lefty Jo-Jo Reyes (1-2, 6.98)…righties have hit .408 against him this season…this might be the day to give Prince Fielder a rest, as Joe Dillon is hitting .354 against lefties this year, while Fielder is hitting just .268. Fielder has also played every game over the last 9 days, as well as 15 of the last 16 days…and only 10 of his 47 HR’s have been off of lefties (but with about a third fewer AB’s). Hall, Hart, and Mench in the OF would mean 8 right-handed hitters in the starting batting order. I’m hoping Ned makes the bold move to give Fielder the day off…at least until Bobby Cox puts in a right-handed reliever.