Open Thread: Will the Brewers make the playoffs?

We’re at the unofficial halfway mark…Brewers still lead the NL Central…but the Cubs have cut the deficit to just 4 games.
Soooooo…Will the Brewers make the playoffs this year? If so, how far will they go? If not, what will be their downfall and who will beat them out.
I’ll start it out–I think the Brewers make the playoffs, as division champs, with about 87 wins (Cubs finish in second with 84 wins and beat out the Dodgers in a one-game play-in for the Wild Card spot). Brewers will be the #2 seed and face off against the Padres, and lose in 5 games, as Sheets beats Peavy in games one and four, but Young beats Suppan in games two and five, while Germano beats Capuano in game three. Mets eliminate the Cubs, but the Padres beat the Mets in 7 for the pennant and a chance to lose to the Red Sox in five.