Youman like performance stops Crew

Rookie lefty Shane Youman did what no other southpaw starter could do all last month (according to the FSN Wisconsin guys)–beat the Brewers Tuesday, 6-2.
Youman, making his ’07 MLB debut, allowed only 8 hits in 6 IP and just the two runs…meanwhile, Chris Capuano’s return was cut short not by his poor pitching (Cappy allowed only one ER in 3.33 IP), but by a having thrown 84 pitches…signalling that Gallardo won’t be starting again before the All-Star break, Yost went to Gallardo, and Yovanni either (a) fell prey to the Pirates’ jinx that has been haunting the Brewers all these many years, or (b) wasn’t ready to pitch relief–no matter, as the Bucs hit Gallardo 5 times in 2.67 IP, leading to 4 runs (3 earned).
Oh, and the Crew made four frikkin’ errors!
Claudio Vargas squares off tomorrow on Independence Day.