Thank you, Atlanta!
Almost all optimism had leaked out of Brewers’ nation…not to mention the Brewers’ clubhouse. Everyone realized that if the Brewers lost (again) on Sunday, and the Mets has won (again) on Sunday, that the Brewers would be 4 games back in the loss column with just 6 games left to play (for the Brewers).
But the Brewers avoided a sweep in Cincy and, coupled with the Braves’ comeback win over the Mets, the Crew is just 1½ games back…2 in the loss column, but just 1 in the loss column (and overall) should the 100_1083.jpgMets lose to the Cubs tomorrow.
Yes…Milwaukee fans now need to root for the Cubs for four days.
Sunday’s game…Seth McClung, having worked 2 innings of relief on Thursday, finally got his shot at starting…albeit a shortened one. McClung lasted just 3 1/3rd innings…but only allowed the 1 earned run. And while the bullpen was shutting out the Reds, the offense–who had already put 4 runs up on the board for McClung–went ahead and scored an additional 4 runs to give the Crew the 8-1 victory. Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and J.J. Hardy each had a multi-hit game, and at least one RBI and run scored on the day.
After a day off, the Brewers return home for the rest of the year…first, for 3 against the Pirates, followed by 3 against the Cubs. Dave Bush is slated to start the first game, but rumors abound that Yovani Gallardo will be ready and take the mound Tuesday night…Gallardo’s return, coupled with a Mets’ loss on Monday night, might be enough of a momentum shift to get the Brewers’ confidence back to where it should be.