Back-to-back sweeps and a sleep strike

Well with that 7-2 debacle in Miami last night, the Brewers finished up their road trip 2-7 including six straight losses since it was announced that Yovani Gallardo tore his ACL. No need to harp on this road trip. The players aren’t showing any emotion that this bothers them, so why should I?
The other thing that happened earlier last Friday before Gallardo’s injury was announced was the designation for assignment of Derrick Turnbow. One man who was especially happy with the demotion was Steve “Sparky” Fifer. Fifer is a sports-talk radio host in Milwaukee on 1250 WSSP AM. In his exuberance, Fifer played the hit song Celebration by Kool and the Gang. His excitement was comparable to that of the flying monkeys when the Wicked Witch of the West was killed in The Wizard of Oz. Some were on board with Fifer’s enthusiasm while others told Fifer he was taking things a bit too far given the past success Turnbow had with the team. Undeterred, Fifer played the song for the better part of his two hour show and you could almost see his ear-to-ear smile through your radio.
Since that time Sparky has admitted that his actions may have been a bit over the top and caused bad karma for the team. To try and reverse the karma Sparky vowed on the Brewers post game show on Wednesday night not to sleep until the Brewers once again drank from the cup of victory. Win or lose, by the time Fifer finishes the Brewers post game show Friday night, he will have been awake for roughly 65 hours.
The first place Cardinals are coming to town for a four game series with the Crew. No Brewers fan needs to be reminded the difficulty that the team has with the Cards. For the players sake, for the fact that Ned Yost may be managing for his job this weekend and for not wanting to see Milwaukee’s best talk show host lose his life due to sleep deprivation, I hope Manny Parra pitches his ass off and that the likes of Rickie Weeks, JJ Hardy and Prince Fielder remember just how much talent they really have.