Brews win, 5-3, with pink bats & new ‘tude

The Milwaukee Brewers beat the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday, 5-3, due to:
a. They always seem to win when someone is using a pink bat
b. Ryan Braun hit a pair of home runs
c. Jeff Suppan had his 5th quality start of the season, allowing just 1 ER over 7 IP
d. Ned Yost has changed to a new philosophy on closing, going with whomever is best suited for the situation
e. All of the above
Of course, “e” is the best answer. Brian Shouse earned his first save of the year, as Salomon Torres, who started the 9th inning, allowed an earned run to cut the lead to 5-3.
Ah, but those pink bats come through again…and, once again, the Brewers want to keep them. This time, Braun is going to appeal to the powers that be to keep his pink bat. I wonder if Braun is the highest bidder for his bat if he could keep using it? Maybe Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio could win the bidding on Braun’s bat much like he did for Hall’s bat back in ’06…only this time, give it to the player instead of his mother.