Series Recap: Brewers at Cardinals

Usually when I do the series recaps I like to break it up into the good, bad, ugly and then give a summary. I’m not going to do that for this series. Even Prince Fielder’s first home run of the season isn’t enough to mask all the garbage I had to watch the last three days.
The Brewers were riding high coming into the series with the Cards. They had taken two of three in New York and made Johan Santana and Oliver Perez look ordinary. Yet somehow the Crew manages to make Braden Looper, Adam Wainwright and Kyle Lohse look like Cy Young. Meanwhile, Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra looked like Minor leaguers even though they each had a golden opportunity to cement their spot in the starting rotation.
Let’s see….what else is going on with the Brewers? Oh yeah, Derrick Turnbow is unhappy with his ‘spot’. Turnbow had 33 holds last year but has no been relegated to the role of mop-up guy. He had his agent contact GM Doug Melvin to find out what the team has planned for him in the future. I hope it’s a first class ticket to Detroit or Atlanta. Turnbow did some great things for the Brewers but hasn’t been able to find the strike zone consistently for over a year and a half.
JJ Hardy, you’re next on the hit list. After complaining about not seeing enough good pitches in the 7-hole, Ned Yost moved Hardy up to the 2-hole. Hardy took advantage of the situation by going 0-4, leaving two runners on base. Hardy’s average on the season now sits at .180 and even the 14-year old girls in Milwaukee are starting to wonder what’s wrong with their dreamboat.
The Brewers now travel to Cincinnati for a weekend series against the Reds. Ben Sheets will face Bronson Arroyo on Friday night and Yovani Gallardo is expected to make his season debut on Sunday. Mitch Stetter was called up after the game to give the Brewers a second left hander in the bullpen. Hernan Iribarren was sent back to Nashville, but you can bet he’ll be up again in September, if not before.