Cameron, Braun get ripped off by ump Larry Vanover

This is my first “sour grapes” post of the year.

While watching the top of the 9th in Sunday’s game, I caught the last two Brewers’ hitters–Mike Cameron and Ryan Braun.

Cameron built up a 3-2 count and watched a fastball from Astros’ closer Jose Valverde fly past a good 3″ outside…but Vanover somehow thought it was a strike.

Wait…it gets even worse.

Braun fouled off the first pitch, then flailed over a change-up to give Valverde a 0-2 count.  Valverde threw a fastball a good 8″ off the plate…and Vanover called it a strike!??! Even the MLB GameDay program showed it off the plate.

Both batters were the go ahead run…no guarantees that either would have gotten a hit…but frustrating when an incompetent ump takes you out of the game…twice.