AP: Hart Goes to Arby

The Associated Press is reporting that the Brewers and Corey Hart did in fact go into an arbitration hearing today, as the two sides were unable to come to a deal at the 11th hour.  As noted by Adam McCalvy yesterday, Hart is the first Brewer to go to a hearing in 12 years.  The AP report states that Hart’s hearing is the first in the Majors this year.

A ruling from the arbitration panel of Elizabeth Neumeier, John Sands and Sylvia Skratek is expected by Friday.  What do you guys think will be the outcome?  Hart stands to get a raise no matter the outcome, which probably contributed to his willingness to go all the way to a hearing.  Is he smart for exploiting the system, or is he just another money-grubbing athlete getting paid more than he deserves?