I’m Just Sayin’

Hi…it has been awhile since I had time or anything of substance to write about…not certain that this qualifies, but had to vent: “Why is Manny Parra, Chris Narveson, and Dave Bush still in the rotation?”  There, I said it.  Now, people who remember me will recall I’ve always stood up for Parra and Narveson, and never cared for Dave Bush (at least his pitching talents), but the facts are the facts:

Parra went 1-3, 8.23 over 5 starts in July (after a 1-2, 4.18 June)

Narveson went 1-3, 8.17 over 5 starts in July (after a 3-1, 4.15 June)

Bush went 2-3, 4.86 in July (after a 2-1, 3.41 June)

At this point, both Chris Capuano (1-0, 3.86 in July in 1 start and 7 relief appearances) and former Nashville Sounds’ starter Kameron Loe (1-1, 3.52 in 13 relief appearances in July) should replace Parra and Narveson in the rotation.  Capuano last pitched on Saturday, while Loe pitched on Sunday.  With the injury to Randy Wolf, however, Wolf is likely to miss a start, so Capuano will likely get a chance against the Astros next weekend due to having made a pair of starts for the Brewers earlier this year.  Loe’s bad outing on Sunday (hurried in after Wolf went down) will likely solidify at least one more start for both Narveson and Parra.