Lorenzo Cain Here to Stay?

July 08, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..Milwaukee Brewers Carlos Gomez's  batting helmut..Milwaukee Brewers lost to the San Francisco Giants 3-9, the Giants ended up sweeping the Brewers in the four game series at Miller Park..Mike McGinnis / CSM.

Lorenzo Cain is back in Milwaukee.  There are only a couple questions left to answer now — does he get consistent starts with Carlos Gomez on the DL, and is he in the big leagues to stay?

Gomez’s concussion has him on the disabled list retroactive to Tuesday, meaning he’d be eligible to return by August 18th.  If Cain was to go back down to the Nashville, he’d only be there for 21 games if he played out the remainder of the Triple A season.  If he was to only stay until September 1st, he’d only be there for 15 games.

With that in mind, would there be any point in sending Cain back to Nashville if Gomez is ready to return on the 18th?  He’s going to be with the club in September, anyway, so I don’t think there is. 

Concussions are very serious injuries, even when they’re mild, so there’s no reason to rush Gomez back, either.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying Gomez should stay on the DL until the rosters expand.  That way, there’s a good chance Cain gets to prove himself by getting more playing time than his first go-around in the bigs, and there’s plenty of time for Gomez to be cleared to play.

With Nashville’s season coming to a close and the parent club’s outfield situation up in the air, it definitely seems like Cain is here to stay.  I’m not convinced he’ll hit much better than Gomez in the long-term (his Major League equivalents in Nashville this year are .258/.327/.348), but at least he should get the opportunity to prove guys like me wrong.