A quick look at Greinke’s curveball usage

Zack Greinke was roughed up a bit in Game 1 of the NLCS, with the Cardinals jumping on just about every mistake. On Sunday, most of those mistakes came with his curveball, which he threw over 33% of the time.

Over at, I took a look at Greinke’s curveball usage as the season went on and noticed a bit of a trend — with the exception of one start against Colorado, Greinke used the curve much more in August and September than he did earlier in the year. You can read more in the article, but here’s a quick graph to give you an idea of how much he’s used that pitch this year:

It should be noted that Greinke using the pitch so much wouldn’t be a problem if he was able to locate it better (especially against David Freese), but the fact that the Cardinals seemed to be locking onto it seems to point towards a bit of overuse.