How Quickly Things Change

Tom Haudricourt, February 22, 2011:

Many residents of Brewers Nation wouldn’t say the same. As thrilled as those worrywarts were to get pitching ace Zack Greinke from the Royals in a blockbuster December trade, they weren’t happy about the shortstop exchange. Escobar was one of the four players sent to Kansas City in exchange for Greinke and Betancourt, who assumed the starting shortstop role.

Never mind that Betancourt, who turned 29 a couple of weeks ago, committed 18 errors in 151 games last season, compared to 20 by Escobar in 138 games at shortstop. Betancourt rates poorly in all of the chic fielding statistics, such as number of runs saved above or below average (-19), and number of runs above or below average a player is worth (-12).

Betancourt doesn’t grade out well in range or replacement value or any number of other statistical analyses that fill up discussions in chat rooms. To hear some folks tell it, he’s the worst player to put on a uniform since the Bad News Bears hit the field.

Tom Haudricourt, March 10, 2011:

And my personal favorite:

That didn’t take long. I wonder if he’s now one of those “worrywarts” that are into the “chic” defensive statistics. Or maybe the tune is changing now that he’s actually had a chance to watch Yun-E6 with his own eyes.