Manny Parra joins Twitter

The offseason leaves lots of free time for players, so maybe we’ll be seeing more of this over the winter: another Brewer has joined Twitter, and this time it’s rehabbing pitcher Manny Parra. For those suspicious about fake accounts, Mitch Stetter confirmed that it’s the real deal, as the two are rehabbing together in Arizona.

I’m going to venture a guess that Parra won’t be quite as entertaining as Nyjer Morgan or as interesting as John Axford, but hopefully it lasts longer than Carlos Gomez’s account did.

It’s easy to forget about Parra after he missed the entire season, but if he can be healthy in 2012, the Brewers could easily use him to fill one of the holes that may come up in the bullpen. Ineffectiveness and injuries probably mean his days as a starter are over, but guys with his stuff have a good chance of being very good relievers.