Prince’s Walkoff Blast

There was no doubt that Prince Fielder’s game-winning home run on Friday night was gone when it left the bat, but if you’re wondering how far it *really* went, Hit Tracker Online has you covered.

They have the “true” distance of Fielder’s home run — how far it would have flied without hitting any obstacles — at 422 feet. A far cry from the majestic 486-foot blast Fielder hit against Brett Myers in Houston about a month ago, but still an impressive shot considering it was hit straight down the right field line. You can see on their diagram where the ball would have landed — beyond the Dew Deck.

Prince Chart
(click to enlarge)

The walkoff homer had a speed of 109.2 mph off the bat, and was 107 feet off the ground at its highest point. Needless to say, that’s out in any park in the league. That can’t be said of every homer hit in last night’s game, though — according to Hit Tracker, Casey McGehee’s solo shot to tie the game at 4 only would have been out of 13 parks in the league.

It’s good to be back home, isn’t it? I’m just glad I have an excuse to post this: