Ranking the Playoff Contenders: fWAR

The Brewers completed a sweep of the Reds on Sunday, lowering their magic number to four. With that number possibly dropping to three if the Cardinals lose to Philadelphia, the NL playoff picture is starting to come into focus. Assuming the Braves can hold off St. Louis in the wildcard race, it looks like we have our four NL representatives.

Without much to write about lately — it’s hard for a blogger to complain and second-guess when the team he’s following is doing so well — let’s take a look at how the Brewers compare to the other pennant contenders. We’ll start off with WAR, and do a few more comparisons as we get closer to playoff time.

A couple things stick out. One, the Phillies’ pitching is ridiculously good, which is already clear if you’ve been paying attention this year. Two, the Brewers seem to match up really well with the Braves, especially if Atlanta continues to scuffle and struggle with question marks in their starting rotation. The most optimal matchup for the Brewers is still probably one with Arizona, but that will only be possible if the Cardinals can sneak into the wildcard spot.