Transcribing Tony Plush

Nyjer Morgan had the first walkoff hit of his career on Wednesday night, although he apparently thought the Brewers were already winning, so he was confused when his teammates came out to mob him. As you would expect, Tony Plush was out in full force in all the postgame interviews.

You can check out his postgame comments on FSN (as long as YouTube allows) and the Brewers Radio Network. Below are the full transcriptions of the interviews. If he was on any other platform that I’m missing and said something good, feel free to share in the comments.

In the mean time, read along with the Doctor of Plushenomics, and enjoy his wisdom.

FSN Wisconsin

Mark Concannon: Nyjer…

Plush: What we lookin’ at? (points to camera but looks off camera)

Concannon: Right there my friend… You get the game winning hit…

Plush: I didn’t know!

Concannon: You didn’t know?

Plush:  (Trademark Plush laugh) I thought we were winning and just looking for a pitch and I guess I got it and trickled it down the line and, uh.. Man, I didn’t even know what time it was or anything you know we got all the scoreboards and everything and just… just out there having fun.

Concannon: And what a win to..

Plush: Yeah!

Concannon: …come back from 6-2 so late, huge win for you guys.

Plush: Oh, I mean.. you know, we definitely…

(Prince Fielder runs up and dumps two small cumps of Gatorade on Plush’s head. Plush dances up and down like they won the World Series)

Plush: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Concannon: Hot day folks, Nyjer needs to cool off…

(Plush starts jumping again and throws up the T to someone off camera)

Plush: You see it?! Throwin’ up the T! There it is! Throwin’ it up! Yeah! (to Concannon) What up?

Concannon: Tell us about the old Braveheart stuff, from the dugout here.

Plush: What Braveheart?

Concannon: Oh, yeah, you have the arrows going…

Plush: Oh, no, that’s the Usain Bolt…

Concannon: Oh! Usain Bolt, okay…

Plush: You cockin’ it back and lettin’ it fly! (Trademark Plush laugh)

Concannon: You let it fly tonight, my friend, and this is gotta be a great feeling, you have a chance to win this series tomorrow and keep up the terrific play of late.

Plush: Yeah, we just have to come back, tonight’s over with, and we’re going to enjoy this tonight but tomorrow get back to work and bring the pain again (growls and Hulks up) I gotta go… (sprints off camera)

Concannon: He’s crazy…

Postgame with Cory Provus

Provus: We’re joined with the man who drove in the winning run, Nyjer Morgan. Congratulations pal on the great finish, great win here tonight…

Plush: Thanks, Cor. Appreciate it.

Provus: You taught me a new word yesterday…

Plush: Did you see it? We had a little Plushdamentals right there… (Trademark Plush laugh)

Provus: Plushdamentals, not fundamentals. We saw Plushdamentals, right?

Plush: (laugh) Basically (laugh).

Provus: Okay, what are you thinking there? 9th inning, you know the winning run is in scoring position in Counsell at second, you’ve got a guy you don’t know much about, what’s the approach, Nyjer?

Plush: Honestly, Cor, I thought we were winning… (laughs) and basically, I was just up there trying to take him up the middle and as soon as I got a hit I just thought it was a regular routine double down the line, and basically… I looked behind me and I heard the crowd yelling, and here come the guys coming off the bench and I was like, “Oh, I just walked ’em off…”

Provus: You had no idea what the score… are you kidding??

Plush: (laughing) No, I’m dead serious, man.

Provus: You had no idea that was a walkoff hit until the guys stormed out of the dugout?

Plush: Basically. (laughs)

Provus: What’s your game? Is your game more driving the ball up the middle, or pulling the ball, because you do both so well..

Plush: Uh, just understanding my game, just understanding the situation… how the pitcher’s pitching me, uh… basically just trying not to do too much, just trusting my hands and everything else is following.

Provus: Earlier this season, Jonathan Lucroy told me something I haven’t forgotten…

Plush: Yeah!

Provus: …No matter what the deficit is with this team, there’s so much firepower up and down the lineup…

Plush: Yeah!

Provus: …No deficit is really too big.

Plush: No, I mean like you say, we gotta play the 27 outs. Even though we were down, we knew we were gonna battle back, it’s just we all have confidence in ourselves, and that’s what it takes to be a solid unit, and basically everyone believes in eachother, and basically somebody’s gonna pick somebody up if somebody doesn’t get it done. So it’s just everybody trusting in each other.

Provus: Could you have… did you have any idea about (the pitcher)…

Plush: No, man!

Provus: Could you watch this guy, Rickie’s in front of you…

Plush: No! You just gotta strap it on and go! I’m a ballplayer, just… I don’t need to know anything, just throw that pill over the plate and I’ll make it happen. (laughs)

Provus: What happened inside the clubhouse? After you guys won the game, you’re back there for a few minutes, take us back there.

Plush: Oh, you know, I was just telling the boys what I just told you, that I thought we were winning 8-6 and… (laughs) …and basically, I didn’t know what was going on until basically the boys came on and got the little guy.

(Provus laughs like usually only Uecker can make him do)

Plush: Oh, shoot…

Provus: Alright, before I let you go… where does this one rank for you personally, just as a professional ballplayer, is this one pretty special for you?

Plush: Oh, no… I mean, it’s cool and all, but there’s just much more to what we’re trying to do here, so it’s nice… I guess that’s the first time, you know, Plush ever hit a walkoff, but I’m pumped, but… We gotta flush it and get ready to go tomorrow.

Provus: Great stuff, buddy.