Waiting For Casey

I have been absent since the Florida series and I apologize for my subtle hiatus. In that time frame, however, the Brewers have been the best and quite possibly the most relevant team in baseball as we “officially” enter the summer months. I say this based more on the fact that they have maximized their 2011 potential and less because talking heads like Colin Cowherd swear they picked them to win the World Series.

All of this comes without much (any) offensive contribution from the once-intangibly-valued 3B Casey Mcgehee.

One does not have to read too deep into the metrics in order to dissect his points of weakness. While his BB/K numbers are all in line with his past production, the fleeting BABIP fairy has been ever so cruel to the stocky batsman.

He is “hitting” just about 50 points lower (.257) than his peak in 2009/10 (.330 and .306, respectively) in that department, and while he has maintained his relative “batters eye,” it was never much more than a neutral aspect of his offensive game to begin with.

It’s not as though the more self-aware Brewers fans didn’t see this coming. Entering 2011, it was no secret that defensive inefficiency would not be Casey’s only drawback.

It is likely that he will hit his way out of this eventually, and slowly climb his way towards more respectable offensive numbers with ample opportunity to do so. It will take a dog day miracle, though, for him to flirt with the near-.800 OPS days of yore.

BABIP deficiency is a common disease amongst mid-level position players and while he is likely to be an average of his worst and best displays thus far, he should at least end 2011 as an even-plus WAR player thanks to the 3B anemia that has recently plagued professional baseball.