Zack Greinke’s Home Run

Zack Greinke smiles after homering against Washington

(Screen cap from MASN)

What you have there is photographic proof of Zack Greinke smiling.

When Greinke came to Milwaukee, it sounded like he was most excited about getting the chance to hit. He was a talented hitter in high school and probably could have made it as an infielder. His batting practice sessions since returning from the DL has been the stuff of legends (it takes me back to the days of Wes Obermueller crushing balls off the scoreboard). In his 5th start of the year, Greinke finally got a hold of one and kept it fair.

Hit Tracker Online has the ball traveling 390 feet down the left field line — the 13th longest home run of the day, but the high-arcing shot’s apex of 103 feet was the 5th highest of yesterday’s homers. Personally my favorite part was the smirk he let out once he realized the ball was fair and started his home run trot. I would estimate the Tater Trot myself, but I don’t have the high-tech equipment Larry Granillo does at Baseball Prospectus.

It can’t be said enough just how fun this pitching staff is to watch, not only on the mound, but with the bat. All five starters can handle the stick pretty well, which is more than can be said for most National League teams.