My 1st Bar Experience

ChaletWhat is going on Brewer Fans?  I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as we launch The Brewers Bar 2.0 under the direction of Nick Prill.  

First things first is I’m a Wisconsin native and also run MadTown Badgers here on the Bloguin network, so I’m not totally new to this whole idea of blogging, but I am new to the world of baseball blogging and I hope to bring a unique and fun perspective to our favorite team and the national pastime as well!!  

I grew up as a Brewers fan in Green Bay and I wasn’t even a full year old when Harvey’s Wallbangers won the 1982 AL Championship and made our lone World Series appearance so it’s not as if I had the chance to fall in love with a huge winner, but growing up learning the game from my dad and grandpa I began to fall in love with the game.  

Admittedly Baseball wasn’t my first love growing up as I chose to play soccer, but I never passed up the opportunity to learn the game from friends and family throughout the years as I grew up a true sports junkie.  

My bond with the Brewers began by listening to Bob Uecker on the radio like it has for so many of us, especially in the 1980′s before the games were really available on a wide scale on TV and for the most part I find the radio call of the game much more entertaining to this day.  

1992 gave me my 1st chance to experience the Brew Crew in person as we went to Milwaukee County Stadium as a part of the D.A.R.E. program and the sights and sounds, despite a bad loss to the Cleveland Indians that day, cemented my love for the “uncool” team (at least in Green Bay at the time) of the Brewers. 

Since then I’ve been hooked and was fortunate to attend many games in my days of attending college just a short 30 minutes from County Stadium/Miller Park.  That trend has continued to this day and I’ve seen the Brew Crew play not only there but at the confines of the perennial losers known as the Cubs, Wrigley Field and may be expanding that this season.

Witnessing the mania of the 2008 playoff race and getting to see CC Sabatha pitch and hit a home run at Miller Park are some of the best memories of games I’ve attended in person and I personally consider tailgating and attending a game at Miller Park as one of the bset summer activities this state has to offer and look forward to it each and every year.  

As for my favorite Brewer of all-time you ask?  It’s got to be Robin Yount.  As a child of the 1980′s it’s between Cecil Cooper, Paul Molitor, and Yount but no one played the game with the abandon and heart and soul that represents the city and this great state like Yount did.  Although, pending results of the failed drug test appeal Ryan Braun might just creep close on that list.
Over the next few months I hope to give you the best coverage possible as I enjoy a good statistical outlook on things as the next sports geek and have a deep passion for the Brewers.  I hope you enjoy the coverage that we bring you and bare with us as we go through our own version of “Spring Training” over the next few weeks in an effort to bring you some of the best and most unique coverage of the Crew out there.  

On that note, it’s time to Roll Out the Barrel and PLAY BALL on The Brewers Bar 2.0.  So sit back and enjoy the coming covering of the Brew Crew!  

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