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A Keyboard/Mallet Instrument’s response to a photograph with Expertly-Driven Motorcycles

The process of de-cluttering one's basement is helpful, at times. This old, chipped xylophone without resonators (the 2 rows of metal tubes under the instrument) had turned into a shelf. There just wasn't room for a xylophone to be a xylophone, without being a shelf. That's a better way of putting it. Anyhow, after I saw this photo yesterday night, courtesy Jim Owczarski –a sports columnist at who has done a great job writing about the Brewers this season and, apparently, getting the racing sausages to ride actual motorcycles in order to take a picture of what we all weren't expecting– I decided I was going to be recording on that xylophone the following day (today).

Here it is / "it" being the xylophone. There are 3 mallets on it, which isn't cheating. Rather, it's a method of playing:

I did not post Owczarski's Miller Park photograph of motorcycles on this page, because I just am never sure about doing that without asking, and I was in too much of a hurry to ask and get a response because it's getting late. Proper credit would have been given, indeed. For sure, it would have been given.

Anyhow, here's the actual track on SoundCloud, which is now officially Track 7. The photo is linked on there, too, so you can look at the photo while listening to the xylophone zzzoundtrack. Then, hopefully, the idea of a photo needing a xylophone will seem like it makes enough sense as an idea. I'm going to be watching Lim pitch to Lucroy while this publishes itself, and then I'll be logging off and linking this thing and thinking not more than two or three times about it.


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