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A Very Crappy Baseball Card

I recently picked up some Allen & Ginter series cards (introduced back in March). Although I'm disappointed I wasn't lucky enough to pull the first official Yasiel Puig rookie card issued by Topps –which is one reason I made this purchase, as I haven't had much prior experience with the very popular A & G –I think they are really fun, nice-looking cards.

That being said – –

A & G 2013 Series – Tommy Lee.

–they didn't have great judgment, here. This guy attacked his wife and child, attacked and injured a Jewish reporter, while reportedly displaying his swastika tattoo, and a 4-year-old kid drowned in his pool… And is wearing a shirt that says "White Boy" on it! The same guy who was identified as being involved in an incident with another member of Motley Crue accused of using racial slurs against a security guard and telling a concert crowd they should attack him.

Why have a card a horrible, disreputable person wearing a shirt that says "White Boy?" As if there isn't enough of a reason not to include that detail in the product, they've featured a guy who may possibly be wearing that shirt for more than just a terrible idea about what funny is, since it isn't funny. I don't care what the context is, or that it is defined as an insult to a white person. It took long enough for baseball to become fully-integrated, so why feature someone with a track record for being intolerant on the card? It should be even easier, since he does not even play baseball. At the very least, Topps could have asked for a different image, or, left the detail out when making the plate. Here's the back:

Not that it would help in any way, but, there isn't even a "controversial rocker" sort of reference in there, which is kind of surprising. My guess is that, when they paid him to use his image on a card, they may have been told what to write by an agent and/or publicist. If he's trying to repair his image, let him try elsewhere. And don't include him, again. Also, it's not as if there aren't plenty of great drummers to feature. If Topps wants to specifically narrow it down to a living, celebrity drummer –as in, a drumming star that is popular beyond the scope of drums– how about Questlove (drumming pioneer/widely-known), or Dave Grohl (an underrated, but influential player who is widely-known)? Allen & Ginter, although I haven't seriously delved into it, is a very, very popular series. One card won't make it less popular, or be a reason for that if it were to happen…or, I don't know. It would be different if I were really devoted to it, but that card made me at least a little less excited about collecting from it as someone still trying to figure out what to collect from Topps due to its tendency to release way, way too many products. Even thousands of cards from various Topps products after I started. It's one card, but it left a bad taste.


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