Braun Says He Will Talk, But Will Bud Selig Do the Same?

(Image: AP/Richard Drew)

Today, Ryan Braun indicated he will be more forthcoming about his 65-game suspension, releasing a statement through the Brewers PR department that said in part, "I know it was difficult for everybody, but I was not, and still am not, legally allowed to say anything yet."  This may explain why his original statement after accepting his suspension made vague references to “mistakes,” but did not acknowledge PED use.  Surely baseball fans everywhere, and Brewers fans in particular, will appreciate any insight Braun is willing to provide on this sordid affair.

One hopes that Bud Selig will also be forthcoming about MLB’s tactics in pursuit of PED-using players.

Reports have indicated MLB has filed a lawsuit against individuals connected to Biogenesis on specious grounds, and potentially compromised the civil liberties of clinic founder Tony Bosch to secure his cooperation.  MLB also apparently used shady legal maneuvers to prevent one of Bosch’s co-defendants (who was also a college teammate of Braun’s) from gaining access to documentation about the league’s investigation.

If that wasn’t enough, a new report by ESPN on Biogenesis whistleblower Porter Fischer claims that MLB paid Fischer $5,500 for his cooperation, and offered him a cool $125,000 to provide evidence against players.  Fischer (who it must be said has motives to exaggerate or otherwise be flexible with the truth) went on to say that after he turned down MLB’s $125K offer, his car was broken into and Biogenesis documents were stolen.  It might be a stretch to imagine MLB would go to such lengths…if the league hadn’t already demonstrated it was not above using intimidation tactics.

At a time when fans and pundits expect Braun to be candid about his mistakes, we should also expect no less than complete transparency from Bud Selig about the way MLB has conducted its investigation.

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