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Carlos Gomez : .284/.338 .843 OPS .222 ISO .363 wOBA – .344 BABIP his 2013 LD% went up to a splendid 21.3% from 16.6% in 2012) 24 HR/40 SB | 24.4 UZR 38 DRS – 7.6 WAR

Before moving onto the music, meant to celebrate the above and everything beyond that:

p. 24 of the 2014 Bill James Handbook, Fielding Bible Awards section…green
circle is mine.



Okay – for whatever reason, Hal Richman, the brilliance behind the Strat-O-Matic games, voted Mike Trout 1st over him for the Fielding Bible award! Trout is fantastic and, by all means, his OF production should rebound when he plays the entire season in CF next year, but, even in CF, UZR had him at average, he cost nearly a game in defense with -9 DRS, and, in LF, still only slightly above at 4.4 UZR. I did not get to watch much of Trout, at all, and I'm sure he was still delightful. But look at the numbers, Strat-O-Matic guy! I can't even jokingly say it's revenge for not getting the MVP. There is no way I can see any panel experts under John Dewan thinking that way. It's Hal Richman, so, of course you're going to want him on the panel. Guess he's going on video and name recognition–but, then, one could argue that video would make the Trout-over-Gomez a no contest, too. It doesn't matter, though. It is so utterly wrong to misplace the 1st place vote like that, and put me in the position where I have to embarrass myself by nitpicking over one single vote, which didn't change the Fielding Bible award result for center field, in the first place. That's another reason why Carlos gets theme music. [Here] and here's the link to the entire set, in case you're interested in knowing there is such a thing!

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The music itself has a combination of power (3 drum set parts, bongos and a walking disco-esque bass line) , speed (the rhodes solo and some of the drum fills are…fast-ish!) and defense (there was apparently enough going on harmonically that I made what would be considered a huge musical safety net for a solo – as long as there was an Eb somewhere every now and again, I feel like I got away with playing whatever notes I wanted. So, I guess that's like defense. Yay.

*A note on the quality of the recording: At ~4.07, there's a "low battery" indicator sound from the macbook! This is due to only using the onboard mic' — I'm saving up for an interface. Had a firewire one for the G4, and then didn't think about it when I got the macbook 2 years ago that I would end up suffering with only usb ports. It's the reason why all of the Brewers theme songs are rather low-quality.

All instruments performed/recorded by J. Lemont 

Image of Fielding Bible CF vote:

James, Bill. The Bill James Handbook. Chicago: ACTA Sports, 2013, Print.



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