Corey Hart – A Baseball Card

Front – The makings of a familiar-looking swing.





Why, yes–I actually did buy a graded Corey Hart 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Card In 2009 (I don't believe they were called the Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects series at that point, but, I could be wrong). Look at that guy. Well…so long, Corey! Argh :/


Also…I put this up hastily on the Brew Crew Ball site board during the mid-afternoon. It was supposed to be a completely different comic. One that actually looked like a real comic, where Jack Zduriencik wouldn't have been 4 feet tall. And, it originally had nothing to do with Hart or the early version of the Brewers uniform where I didn't make it look much like a uniform because that was the early 2012 version of me. I mean–this is what you call wasting one for a good cause!

Jess Lemont

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