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Fun with Anagrams The Brewers Edition – Part 1: Answers


Here are the solutions to yesterday's anagrams, pertaining to names of current and former Milaukee Brewers players and managers.

JOY! LUNCH ON A RAT – Jonathan Lucroy

LANDSCAPE  – Dan Plesac

NONE ROCKIER – Ron Roenicke

OUCH! SCAR PAIN – Chris Capuano

TEARS INJURE GUY – Jerry Augustine

YUCKY BARITONE TUNES – Yuniesky Betancourt

HERRING PAL – Phil Garner


Hope you enjoyed solving this first batch of Brewers anagrams created by Diane Firstman (@dianagram). And don't forget to check out her site, as well!



(illustrations – J. Lemont)

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