Milwaukee to Honor Powerhouse 1913 AA Brewers in May


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The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club does an outstanding job of incorporating tributes to Milwaukee’s baseball past in special-occasion field uniforms and celebrations, such as throwbacks to honor the Milwaukee Bears, Seattle Pilots, and Milwaukee Braves as well as various eras of the major-league Milwaukee Brewers.  The Brewers organization also does field-uniform tributes to ethnic communities and heritage better and more often than just about any MLB team.  But in a special 2013 throwback, they’ve really outdone themselves.  According to Milwaukee baseball historian Chance Michaels over at BorchertField.com, he has worked with the Brewers organization to produce a throwback of the uniforms worn by the pennant-winning 1913 American Association Brewers, to be worn on Corey Hart’s bobblehead day on Sunday, May 5, versus St. Louis. 


(Photo Credit: BorchertField.com)

If you don’t know much about the American Association Brewers, they played for 50 years in Milwaukee and featured Owgust, the Barrel Man, as their mascot, paving the way for the modern Brewers.  I would sincerely encourage you to read more about the AA Brewers, because their history is not only very cool but also truly informative about Milwaukee’s baseball story overall.  Especially in the wintertime when there isn’t much Brewers news, this kind of stuff is a gold mine.  Chance Michaels does a phenomenal job finding information, artifacts and pictures from the days of the AA Brewers and Borchert Field.  I recently visited the historical marker for Borchert in Milwaukee, which is very easy to find and worth the trip if you’re in the area, especially to get a sense of the neighborhood and residential aspects of the park.  The marker is a few blocks east of the actual ballpark site because I-43 now sits where the ballpark did.  I grew up only a few miles from where Borchert Field once stood and until a couple years ago I had no idea about its history and preeminent standing in Milwaukee’s baseball tradition for over 60 years.  The rise of Milwaukee County Stadium and eventually the move of a new major-league team to Brew City led to the demise of Borchert, but it remains extremely significant to Milwaukee’s baseball past and sports past in general, having been host to the first Green Bay Packers game in Milwaukee, in 1933.  I think it’s awesome that the Brewers are going out of their way to pay tribute to the AA Brewers and to be authentic in their re-creation of the 1913 Brewers uniforms.  Thanks to Chance Michaels and his work on preserving the narrative of Borchert Field, the spirit of the powerhouse 1913 Brewers lives on.            

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