Ryan Braun Suspension/MLB Biogenesis Investigation-themed Collectible Cards (Special Inserts May Be Found in Random Packs)

Future baseball card pack/box inserts for baseball card collectors, related to Ryan Braun's suspension, the MLB Biogenesis scandal and other things a bit more vaguely related to these related things…

**Harold Reynolds was not present for that episode of MLB Now, where they discussed Ryan Braun. So, that's why Tom Verducci is on that card, instead.

Illustrations / Card designs* by J. Lemont / also, J. Lemont's Sense of Humor.

*= Design for Gilles Frozen Custard is by the people who designed the Gilles Frozen Custard signs. I just drew the replica.


**UPDATE: I forgot to add that I made sure to set these files to have a transparent background in case anyone would like to download them! Just downloaded them (see screenshot) and transparent background format is intact. It's in 2 files (4 cards / 2 cards). While they aren't necessarily card-sized, or of uniform size, please feel free! (If you'd like to use them/adapt them for your own work, just credit me for original images, and we're cool!)

Jess Lemont

About Jess Lemont

Jess is mostly an illustrator, here, providing occasional theme music. As her profile picture would indicate, she does not (or, may not) have a the skill required for flipping bats, so a drawing has replaced it. Really, you could also think of her as the photographer without a camera, in that regard. And, really...maybe it's best not to ask beyond this point.