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After the Brewers finished hosting a special show with the Mets on Friday night, July 5th, and after Brewers Live, FS-Wisconsin debuted its newest Spotlight – – the Brewers Draft 2013. I was fortunately able to watch this special/enjoy this special. If you had DirectTV like my friend, Derek Harvey, though, it's a different story. So, I've decided to transcribe some parts of the short special. We start out with the pre-draft workouts speech given by Brewers Scouting Director, Bruce Seid (seated at the photo on top of the page/bald/holding pen)…

Spotlight: Brewers Draft 2013
On Fox* Sports (network) Wisconsin. Narrated, powerfully, by Craig Coshun

*FOX…sorry. FOX.

Bruce: "First of all, I know you guys came a long way, so I appreciate that. You had choices, and, um – just like every year, you guys have tough choices to make to come to these workouts. But, the Brewers have been very successful at these workouts. Uh – just where you're sitting right now, we had Prince Fielder, we had J.J. Hardy, Corey Hart…For those of you not familiar with those guys, those are major league all-stars who started right here.

(Prince Fielder; J.J. Hardy (not pictured, really); Corey Hart)

"Most of the time, throughout the year, we have 40,000 fans in this stadium. To support their club, uh, that's the type of, uh, city Milwaukee is when it comes to their baseball team. As far as, uh, support from the city, it's…second to none."

This is a good group that-  this is a solid group. I'm looking at some'a you guys that I've seen play through the years, and you guys are guys we're going to be looking at pretty seriously in the draft.
Today, we're gonna work you out at some different positions and see what you can do – and, see how multi-faceted you are in the game of baseball, here, at Miller Park.

But…uh, I just want to thank you guys for coming, and, uh, any questions you have– this, this – let me finish this off and say this is a great time in your life.

We don't want you to feel pressured in this setting, because it's not a pressure setting at all. So, we want you to enjoy yourselves, have fun, play hard…and, uh, whatever happens in the next, uh, June 6th, 7th and 8th, I wanna wish you guys the best of luck, and hopefully see you in major league ballparks, and especially Milwaukee.
So, good luck to you guys."

– – –

(end of speech)

Documentary-specific music /  is what you would hear. You would hear it in another sports-themed documentary, probably… Craig Coshun narrates a bit over this, saying, essentially, that the players who have shown up to work out are hoping to make a final impression. But, "for these scouts, it's a final shot at targeting a major-leaguer."

Now, Bruce, off the field…but absolutely on record, unless this was stolen by the FOX Sports Wisconsin crew from a different documentary, not done by the network…

(Bruce Seid) "It does give us a last-minute opportunity to answer some last-minute questions on some players that, you know, maybe we need to find out if-if their speed is what we thought it was."

*Note (from me) It's becoming really clear, something is right now — these pre-draft workouts are helpful for scouts in the baseball scouting department and these players, because you just never know. There could be lies…lies!!!
If you're curious about what happens if a player has something else come up that prevents this player from being able to make the workout, or if they know well in advance, that possibility was not discussed by those interviewed in Spotlight: Brewers Draft 2013.  

(more from Bruce) it's  — maybe it could be a position-change player that you feel, that, down the road, um, could happen. And, for, you know – arm action. Little subtle things that — paint the full picture."

(Bruce, now on the field, talking to a player while some music is starting to fade in) "so, get on that mound today, like I said, don't overdo it., know your limitations, give it some great effort."

– – – –

There is some more documentary-specific music, and Craig Coshun, who works for the Fox Sports Network affiliated with Wisconsin. He's also narrated other specials in FSN, and, unless he is pried away, elsewhere, will continue to do narrating whenever he gets asked. Will he make mistakes? Of course. They'll edit Coshun's just as much, or just as much more or even just as much less than you'd expect if they have to. Knowing he doesn't have to do the actual editing must have made this Spotlight: Brewers Draft 2013  assignment just about as easy as possible.

"In order to accurately project down the road, a major league scout can't overlook any details…"
(Coshun over music specific* to documentaries.)
* This music starts to incorporate two-handed "tapping" -which is prevalent in televised athletic  events and commercials for products and future important games that can only be seen exclusively on a network. In this case, tapping was used, as was a synthesized choir sound over some staccato power chords chugging along and the rest of a rhythm section accompanying. There was no ensemble present while Craig Coshun was talking. This music is just all ready.

Coshun: "With the workouts complete, it's time to start compiling the draft board. It's the culmination of a year-long process. And one that isn't easy"


– —

Now, in the draft room:

(person) "Pitching in a tough conference…some say the best in the country, including facing tough hitters every – every  Friday night, he put up great numbers as a sophomore…"

(person 2) "I did not see the same (can't make out the word) the other guys saw. I did not see the sink…"

(person 3..who is actually Seid!) "We still have to consider (can't make out the word), I mean – based on-  …I doubt he gets to us, but we still have to consider him just based on just the big tools he brings."

This is all for now. Next time, we're going to the draft room. Here's a preview of what one might expect:

"I would — give him the money…I would — give him … the extra couple hundred thousand….I would give him the extra couple hundred because, right now I'm feeling he's well in front of us. So, we'll just have to wait and see over the next few picks what — develops here…"

-Bruce Seid, Milwaukee Brewers Director of Scouting, as heard on the Milwaukee Brewers Draft Spotlight special on the night of July 5th, 2013.



Note: I think it will be on again either Tuesday or Wednesday this upcoming week, but, for Derek and others like Derek, there is no way of knowing if you'll get it on DirectTV.


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