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The Macroscopic Scale – Jean Segura may or may not have been on it…

Introduction –

I've made an alternate guide to enjoying the latest Jean Segura moment* (GIFs provided by Grant Brisbee) for members of various Jean Segura fan clubs.


*Here's the definition of Macroscopic Scale – keep this definition in mind as you go through this.

To me, it seems as though Jean Segura may or may not have been on the macroscopic scale. Or, maybe the umpire was not on it. If they were on it, I hope this is still of value to some people.

(end of introduction)


– Here are 3 separate reactions to the Jean Segura moment. Reaction 3 is mine, and I've chosen to use a soundtrack in place of words.

1) A tweet from Dianagram:

                                                                     –  –  –  –  –  –  – 

2) Ron Roenicke post-game interview:



                                                                        –  –  –  –  –  –  –

3) The Soundtrack: If this had not been composed by Ligeti, and published in 1994 – and if he were still alive, he could have written this after watching the bottom of the 8th inning from this Cubs @ Brewers game.

 György Ligeti: Sonata for Viola


conclusion – this was fun. I'm pretty sure I could have just left the macroscopic scale out of this, though.


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