Top Three Miller Park Snack Deals in 2013

(What more could anyone ask for?)

Now that we’re into June, those of us who have gone to a few home games have had a chance to get over the inflation shock.  If you’ve been a regular Miller Park attendee for the last few seasons, one of the first things you noticed was that all food and drink items went up 25 cents.  Obviously, no fan expects reasonable prices at a pro sports arena – and we’re all free to eat before or after the game if we prefer – but it’s a bummer when your favorite snacks are taking a bigger bite out of you (so to speak).

Faced with regular-sized Cactus League Nachos that are closer to $8 than $7, I tried to figure out what the best Miller Park food is available for $7 or less, while also being pretty filling.  These are my top three (no accounting for taste, natch).

Hot Cheese Bacon Grilled Cheese – $6.25

Last year, I came across Hot Cheese on the loge level, right field side, around sections 209-210.  They had a brisket grilled cheese for $6, and it displaced Cactus League Nachos as my go-to mid-game grub.  At that price, you couldn’t ask for more.

Regrettably, Hot Cheese no longer offers the brisket grilled cheese.  In fact, they went a little more up market with their grilled cheese sandwiches, and now offer three for more than $9.  But they do have a bacon grilled cheese with a tomato for a relatively reasonable price, which is a solid substitute.  Truly, bacon is the candy of meat.

Chicken Finger Basket – $6.25

The three chicken fingers are decent sized, and it feels like the fries are about the same amount you’d get with a helmet-cheese-fry (note: that is speculation, not backed up by science).  You can get a packet of ranch dressing on the side, but I found it didn’t even meet the adjusted expectations I had for ranch dressing that would come in a packet.  Although in most cases I wouldn’t, I recommend passing on the ranch here.

You can get the chicken finger basket on the field level, right behind home plate, i.e., in front of the team store.  I did some cursory checking around the rest of the field level and loge level and didn’t see it anywhere else.  I may have missed it (or it may be all over the terrace level, I don’t go there much anymore), but all I know for sure is it’s behind sections 117-118.

Pop’s Fry Bar – Four Items for $7

If fries piled with toppings is your thing (and it totally is mine), the Fry Bar on the field level, left field side has a few options.  One is The Montreal – fries covered in beef gravy and cheese curds, what Canadians call “poutine.”  That’s one of those words I’ve seen but never spoken.  I hope it’s pronounced “POO-teen” because that’s what I said to the people in my section who saw me eating it.

Smothered and Covered is cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives.  Chili Cheese Fries is self-explanatory.  The only one I haven’t tried is the Garlic Fries, which also come with olive oil and parsley.  I found the amount of fries to be satisfactory.  There are plenty of things you could buy at Miller Park that are more than $7 and have less volume (again I’m thinking about Cactus League Nachos), so the Fry Bar ain’t too shabby.

Now that all the decent beer at Miller Park costs $8 a pop, it’s good there are still a few relatively affordable munchies that taste great and are adequately filling.  They may not completely cure your heartbreak about Cactus League Nachos, but they might at least help you move on.  If only moving on from heartbreak always involved bacon.

Enrique Bakemeyer

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