Various Reactions to the Gomez Catch – Shown, here.

All of these things sort of happened, did completely happen, did not happen, or did not completely happen. Collection of new/old drawings and photographs, perhaps.


(Prairie Dog)


Gomez, Lucroy, and K-Rod have greenish uniforms, partially. So, the colors didn't transfer how I'd thought. Also, didn't make a new K-Rod because of not being able to find the original file…therefore…goggles! Because I didn't feel like making a better, updated drawing/now I feel guilty.


Homer Bailey, at Miller Park by a food vending area. Where they have the items pretty much that are listed on the sign at the top.


A zebra and dinosaurs on my laptop.


The Scotts Lawn Guy, deciding not to be the official turf-guy for MLB. Which is good. Better would be if a bunch of people weren't just buying it to spray on their lawns, since it is available as spray. Try driving through some suburban areas on a pleasant-enough day, and see what this product has done. It looks silly, too, when people use that product.


The End. Even though, actually, there is a lot more ( really, really, a lot more) material that just would have been too much.

That catch was one of my favorite things.

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Jess is mostly an illustrator, here, providing occasional theme music. As her profile picture would indicate, she does not (or, may not) have a the skill required for flipping bats, so a drawing has replaced it. Really, you could also think of her as the photographer without a camera, in that regard. And, really...maybe it's best not to ask beyond this point.