What’ll You Have? Rush River Brewing Company’s Bubblejack IPA, Please



Editor’s note: this is the second installment in the monthly What’ll You Have? series.  The first one ran last month.

You know what I’ve been drinking frequently in recent days (responsibly and in variable moderation, of course)?  Bubblejack IPA from Rush River Brewing Company in River Falls, Wisconsin, which is an American IPA, or India Pale Ale.  Rush River is a small operation in a town of about 15,000 in western Wisconsin.  They produce nine varieties of wonderful beer.  Interestingly, Rush River Brewing produces only unpasteurized and unfiltered ales in order to keep the flavor as plentiful, natural and fresh as possible.  This method also, of course, reduces the beer’s shelf life.  Rush River beers are obtainable in just Wisconsin and Minnesota.  From a look at their website, the beers aren’t available in Milwaukee just yet, but you can get them in most places west of Madison, and they are widely accessible in the Twin Cities area.  I’ve also had their Lost Arrow porter and the Lyndale brown ale, but I keep coming back to the Bubblejack.

Bubblejack isn’t overly hoppy.  It has a light body and color, with slight floral or fruity notes.  Bubblejack may be more like a pale ale than a super-hopped IPA in terms of overall taste.  It has hints of malt and is a well-balanced beer, with a 60 IBU (on the scale for International Bitterness Units).  Generally, craft beers are expensive to drink, or at least more expensive than mass-produced swill, and so it’s always nice to get a powerful punch with the alcohol by volume with craft beers.  Bubblejack has a 6.5% ABV and so a six pack is not only very drinkable but should provide a decent buzz as well.  Rush River also offers the Double Bubble, which has a 9.0% ABV, and for the Double Bubble they ‘doubled the hops, and added three pounds of local honey per keg’.  Good stuff.  If Bubblejack or Rush River’s other beers are available near you, definitely check them out.  They have a ‘Where to buy’ section on their website for handy searching.

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I had the pleasure of contributing to Cincinnati Reds blog Chris-Sabos-Goggles and their 2013 Brewers preview as part of their look around the NL Central.  Please check it out; it’s most likely, nay, decisively worth your time!               



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