What TheHellIsGoingOnTurtleSwingsAtBAll

Spring Training for Turtles, Based on an Unrealized Work by Gorman Thomas

Disclaimer: This is my weirdest blog, ever, here. So, I'm pretending Gorman Thomas actually originally constructed this, and that I'm just merely re-adapting it.

(end of disclaimer)

INTRODUCTION (Also known as a "Text Loop" or, an intro to Creative Writing exercise that wasn't assigned the semester I took the class)

(End of Introduction / "Text Loop")

– – – –

(Speaking, below: a lone, baby turtle…not like the other baby turtles)

. . . .

-silence, both above and below the (I just noticed) absent depiction of water


– – – –

(This time, the baby turtle hears an answer from somewhere none of us would have ever guessed, since I don't even know where it specifically is)

The turtle from nowhere with implied baseball knowledge might be a legendary baseball turtle, but there is little evidence either way pointing to "yes" or "no"

– – – –

And, uh-oh…tough pitch.


why would you throw that pitch to that turtle, mysterious brief character?


Still, the lone Spring Training turtle appreciates the start of spring training for turtles, even while his swing momentum would make it difficult to appreciate…




– – – – —

And, other turtles would soon follow the lead of the baby turtle…..at least, within the realm of the thinking process of Gorman Thomas maybe three or more decades ago



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