A Victory in the 13th Inning – The Milwaukee County Zoo Reacts

The (fictitious) Milwaukee County Zoo Reacts to the 6-12-14 extra inning win that took place at Citi Field, despite having some broken appliances.

The (fictitious) Milwaukee County Zoo Reacts to the 6-12-14 extra inning win that took place at Citi Field, despite having some broken appliances. – Illustration by J. Lemont

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Clarification (ahem) regarding one of the birds in this drawing:

1Brewers Bar (Hippo:extra inning win--bird)


Honestly, I felt like the Brewers had a very good chance of winning maybe less than half the time, even though I knew they’ve been skilled and lucky in extra innings & close games…but I couldn’t help and think of the defensive positioning the Mets were throwing at the Brewers. And, no matter how big or small a role this may actually have played, *this luxury*(granted, one the Brewers and Twins have, as well), made me feel like the Mets were going to have to make a huge, huge mistake. Along with some others.

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After Kintzler and the defense got out of his 2nd inning of work, I did feel better. I’d thought Lucroy would hit a home run and end it, but that was actually prior to his previous plate appearance (a strikeout). Ahh, whatever. This is about Hippos and giraffes and birds, and then silliness. And, although not pictured or mentioned, the HP umpires could easily have been part of this drawing. Alas, drawing has been tough for me, lately. I mean, I didn’t feel like putting umpires in a drawing.

*-According to (the Stats/Team Runs saved section), the Mets are holding their own defensively in the NL, with 11 Runs Saved–you’ll see 0 RS via the shift if you have access to the page, but that doesn’t mean anything, given 3 or 4 NL teams have actually had the shifts cost them runs. While that seems obvious, I bring it up because I did a really terrible job of paying close enough attention to see if the Mets were aligning themselves drastically via unique shifts, or if these were just subtle but successful “shadings.” So, I’m not sure just how shifty they are…but I’d wager that the motion tracking system at Citi and the ones at Miller Park and Target Field may have provided a slight advantage. Given we know how the Brewers are shifty souls, it’s possible this has pushed them to a new level of refinement…at home games. This has to be doing something. Then again, I would hope it isn’t doing *too* much, given the rest of the teams in both leagues will be getting this system installed, eventually. This is a much bigger italicized additional notes section than I thought. Bottom line; the Mets, and that large park, have really made watching these games stressful. I had to keep telling myself “you know, the Brewers aren’t acting like they don’t know how to hit on purpose. They’re doing something on purpose, but, not that.”

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