Brett Favre Poses as a Milwaukee Brewer in the 1990s

On eBay I came across the above curious picture…Brett Favre, the former holy-of-holies Green Bay Packers quarterback turned traitor (or as select Cardinals fans would have it: trader) and evildoer.  The item has been marked down from $119.95 to $95.96 (the description says Favre was taking batting practice in 1995-1996; get it?).  Apparently taken at Milwaukee County Stadium back when Favre was young, a Jedi, and a Brewers fan, the autographed photo also boasts a matching certificate of authenticity, which looks legit enough what with its holograms and forceful capital letters. 

Edit: further research suggests that Favre visited County Stadium and took batting practice in the company of the Cardinals' Mark McGwire on September 18, 1998, which led to these and other photos.

(Note: baseball in flight near belt buckle, but he may have gotten a piece of it.)

I’m not enough into collecting autographs to pay $100 for anyone’s scribbles, but had Favre not tainted his career with all the nonsense that I shall not rehash, I may have been interested in something meshing his former greatness with the Brewers franchise, like the photograph itself, which is pretty cool as a historical document.  It was epic back in the day when Favre seemed to have been immaculately born for the Packers franchise’s return to prominence, and hearts were bound to his on-field heroics, despite his warts as a person.  Darth Sidious had wise words for me about events to come: “You will find that it is you who are mistaken…about a great many things.”

(Favre later shed his Brewers cloak and became a Minnesota Twins fan, presumably by magic or some other sublime enchantment…..Image: Adam Bettcher / Getty Images)

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