Spectrograph : Craig & Davy Sonic Visualiser

Craig Coshun & Davey Nelson Are Working on an Ambient Music Album…

Found: This track

(If it won’t play, go here, where you may download it, too, if you’d like. But, shhhh…)

I’ve you’re wondering where Davey is…just a clue–there is very little space on this ambient, trip-hop, what-have-you track where Davey Nelson does not appear. That is the hint. I believe this track was recorded, featuring Hank the Dog pawing the drums…and, likely *produced* by Hank the Dog, himself, after a certain recent victory over the New York Mets. The only one of its kind during that series. Craig is saying “we’ll go over some spray charts for you” if you can’t make out what he’s saying.

And, look, don’t tell anyone about this track, alright? Keep it a secret. Craig and Davey never wanted this getting out because they haven’t sent it for mastering, yet. Not to mention, I think they are going for an entire album. Please, please, please don’t tell Hank. I don’t think he’d take it very well. You don’t want him sulking under a table. No, that’s not what you want. Trust me.

In addition, I have found the potential cover art. This will be a treasure in the ambient/drone/whichever other genre/what-have-you/(screw genre) world in years to come.

Image in back of Craig & Davey is a Spectrograph of Craig Coshun’s phrase about spray charts, probably from a program called Sonic Visualiser which Hank the Dog is probably familiar with.


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