Death of the Metrodome

(All photos: Nick Michalski)

The HHH Metrodome in Minneapolis is going, going, almost gone.  After several contained blasts to tear the roof down and crumble the walls of the decrepit old stadium, crews are working to smash and haul away the remaining metal, concrete and other crap left behind.  Folks coming into downtown Minneapolis by light rail are treated to grand vistas of the Dome's destruction and the sky that was previously invisible behind it.  The Metrodome's parking lot is now a massive pit dug deep to allow girders and such for the next Vikings stadium, a $1 billion palace for Zygi Wilf and friends.  For myself and other Metrodome-haters, these events are cathartic and long overdue.  I took a trek over there today and took some photos to keep Brewers fans updated on the demise of the crusty Humpty Dump.  Pretty soon it will be totally removed, I suspect.  A couple months' time, perhaps. 

A few stands remain among piles of twisted metal and rubble.

The destruction site is totally blocked off, of course, but some savvy fan might be wise to steal the Carew Drive sign (below) in the middle of the night.  Unlike Kirby Puckett Place, which is two blocks or so long, Carew Drive is a pitiful one ugly block with nothing on it.  Minneapolis should really just change this street's name and give Carew and Puckett little lanes over by Target Field. 

Below: former Metrodome parking lot.

Coming in a few months: less nasty trash from the Dome's removal.

By my estimation, the new Vikings stadium will look way better than the Dome, but it's still a bit of a monstrosity.

Below: formerly the main ticket office.

Below: skyline view from east end of site.

Below: Dome Souvenirs Plus (one block north of Dome site) remains open.  Perhaps they need to change their name.

Above and below: it looks like it was hit by a bomb or two.

Below: Trains pass through the area to stop at Downtown East / Metrodome station.  I'm patiently awaiting the day it will no longer say "Metrodome."

Below: last wall standing, but pocked with damage and purple poles sunk.



This video is pretty awesome.  This has been the stuff of dreams for quite a while for many baseball fans in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Plus it's gotta benefit the Green Bay Packers, right?

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