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Getting Used to Ryan Braun in Right Field

First, you just have to imagine him there. Here's a visual aid:

I chose the "chewing on glove" depiction.

A closer view:

Is it just me, or does anyone else think he's hungry out there? True, it could be a nervous habit. Or, maybe he does need to tighten the strings on his glove. Personally, I think he wants one of those toasted mozzarella/tomato/spinach sandwiches.

The power of suggestion is making me hungry. I, too, need one of those sandwiches. Right now.


Note: It feels really strange including the corporate sponsor content (i.e. Mountain Dew/Toyota). At least I didn't draw the logos accurately. In fact, I left the one for Toyota out. Probably could have gotten into trouble, anyhow. Probably still could.

(above: Speaking of logos, maybe someday my
Brewers logo variations it will catch on).

– –

Time to get a sandwich. Although I'll probably just end up having soup, and this will likely happen:

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