Hall of Fame Inductee (2014), Greg Maddux

I am following up something I did a couple of days ago. I want to mention that a) whoever came up with the lettering for the Braves logo is brilliant b) I think those microscope-looking devices could also pass as beer taps &, c) apart from possibly drawing Glavine, next, and/or doing something else 2014 HoF-related, I am no Summer Anne Burton. Because she's amazing! Talk about a steady hand – she uses pens and pencils for real. If you haven't followed her work, you really should. 

…umm…d) I bought the same pitching glove model that Maddux used, because I love Greg Maddux. I wasn't even a baseball fan for long enough to see many of his games. So, I pretty much looked up any that I could, and would have to wait for MLB to post parts of old games. Luckily, they aren't as stingy, anymore. Except that they're still stingy.

e) I had a huge crush on Maddux after the first time I saw older footage of him wearing glasses. But, then it turns out he peed on people, and then I didn't have a crush on him once I found that out.


...f) Still, I like him. So many people like him. So many people love him. Just the mere mention of him, or the chance to bring up something Maddux-related. The best thing about this being his induction year is that, we get to read and talk about him even more.

g) I think "Maddox" is as bad as the "its/it's" kind of mistakes. Don't misspell his last name, even if it is technically a spelling for someone's last name…and even if spellcheck suggests it.

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