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Hall of Fame Inductee, Frank Thomas… With Bleeping Fireworks!

I've just learned that Frank Thomas said that his excellence may have been a reason some other players started taking PEDs. Well, all the more reason to have bleepin' fireworks, aside from Thomas having been one of the greatest hitters on our planet


…which also happens to be Southpaw's planet, and that is a wonderfully strange thing to consider.

No one can say everything perfectly. Or, rather, no one can say the perfect thing all of the time. Maybe it was the perfect thing. I probably don't know even one-tenth of everything about what Frank Thomas would or would not absolutely say. But, this is a celebration with Bleeping fireworks, and whatnot.

Anyhow, congratulations to The Big Hurt, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine (the latter two on this list have yet to be drawn, without or with fireworks).

I'm already looking forward to July's televised induction ceremony. And the following July, where, at the very least, we should be seeing Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson accepting their plaques and making their speeches.

*I should have mentioned Smoltz in that last sentence, but I just didn't want to include something ending in "-oltz," for some reason.

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