Happy Hank Patrick’s Day…

Sometimes, I get caught between posting an item on Twitter and posting it on here. Not that it can't be both, but, posting things too close together just kind of resembles something a person who might be thought of as something resembling annoying would do. In this case, I could have just let those worries go, and realize that I could have done both without letting nearly twelve-and-a-half hours go by.

It will be more than that if I don't publish this, soon.


(pictured below: L- the first Hank / R – Most recent Hank)

I drew a newer version of Hank that looks a bit more like Hank. But, I still like the other one, too. That's the only news I have of my own, really.

In other news, tomorrow is also a chance to donate items to animal rescue groups (and, yes, see the real Hank). There's a wish list on this link. Also, according to the TMJ4 link, if you buy any Hank-themed items, "20 percent of revenue from Hank apparel items will go to the Wisconsin Humane Society."

Very nice.

Jess Lemont

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Jess is mostly an illustrator, here, providing occasional theme music. As her profile picture would indicate, she does not (or, may not) have a the skill required for flipping bats, so a drawing has replaced it. Really, you could also think of her as the photographer without a camera, in that regard. And, really...maybe it's best not to ask beyond this point.