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Hey — Seriously, if you’re going to bring young children and babies to stadiums…this is what you don’t do.

I’m generally one for posting things that are the opposite of serious on here, but, I’m angry about what I just saw 20 minutes ago. That poor kid.

Here we go –and, by the way, I was going to title this something in the way of “put the kid down,” except–why is he here in the first place?–anyhow, here’s the lucky recipient of the “Scare the Hell Out of Jess” award:


And, here he is trying to get himself in the “frame”:


He’s saying “smile,” trying to direct his (presumed-to-be) son in the direction of one of the t.v. cameras, most likely.


And, here’s where it gets even scarier – the little guy is trying to move around. (Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder were on edge all-the-while, in the meantime):


I don’t have children, but, I have to say I was close to feeling heartbroken at that point, and clearly (or, hopefully, given that we don’t know what happened when the camera pulled away) nothing happened. But, that little guy sure didn’t look like he was having fun. And, it’s possible his dad (or maybe uncle…not sure) isn’t even being “caught” doing this–he’s saying “smile,” so it’s possible he knows a television camera is on him. I’m not saying that I hope this Brewers blog or that broadcast gets the child taken away from his parents. But, hey–who knows? Maybe the threat of this is what it takes? Maybe this happens quite often. It’s not macho, or, if it’s supposed to be cute, cute. My guess is, it’s a little bit of both. The only cute thing here is the kid, and it would be nice if he could, you know, grow up and see more baseball games and have a chance at life. Again, I tried not to think about it, but I couldn’t help imagining the worst, and it would be tragic. Hate seeing this stuff.

For all I know (and I’m no expert), this traumatic experience for the little kid, as he glanced down, might have some affect on him. Hope he’s okay. It may not be apparent, but, in the 3rd photo where he’s looking down, he also kind of slips, there. Get a clue, Pops.


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