Just Testing Out a New Feature…

This is just a test to determine the overall effectiveness of a new Q & A feature on this very site. It's the special expert 24/7 Question & Answer service, if you are wondering, and here's an example of how it works…

So, your thoughts–as a reader–on this site having such a feature as the one currently illustrated? *

*I am not currently available to field answers, unfortunately, so just hold onto those thoughts, for now!

Jess Lemont

About Jess Lemont

Jess is mostly an illustrator, here, providing occasional theme music. As her profile picture would indicate, she does not (or, may not) have a the skill required for flipping bats, so a drawing has replaced it. Really, you could also think of her as the photographer without a camera, in that regard. And, really...maybe it's best not to ask beyond this point.