Postgame Press Conference Features RR and the Tabasco Overloardz!

Noticed this the whole time Roenicke was talking, pretty much. It just seems to fit. The anger—it was real. No doubt, it was real. Our hometown and/or favorite team’s right fielder took a seemingly innocent* hit on the rear, but, think if that were just up a bit higher, and it would have been the kidneys. Isn’t it illegal in boxing to hit someone in the kidneys area, or am I thinking of a different sport?

* = at 95 mph, maybe innocent is a bad choice to use for a description


“That was the greatest At-bat I’ve ever seen.” Or, he said something close to that. I hope I’m authorized to use this image captured by my camera.


On a lighter note, I was imagining a scenario in which the (rightfully) angry manager ordered some Tabasco for his visiting manager’s office, and gulped down a few drops in order to make the full transformation into steely-eyed, flush-faced Roenicke. Or, I don’t know. To tell you the truth…I’m still angry! And the team won, and Lucroy hit beautifully, and I’m angry at the other team. Help! I mean, Elian Herrera was even useful, again. The world is a dangerous place, kids. Very dangerous. Kirk Gibson is sucking on an emery board, as we speak.

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rawwwn roenicke




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