The Brewers Bar Is Proud To Sponsor Lucroy’s Baseball Reference Page

Enlightened by a post at Ron Roenicke Stole My Baseball last week (hat tip: Brew Crew Ball), I sprang forth like a rubberband and corrected a wrong over at Baseball Reference.  It was a crying shame that the great Milwaukee catcher Jonathan Lucroy, a guy whom I consider the face of the franchise, had an unsponsored page at B-Ref.  We at this blog support and utilize B-Ref and we support Lucroy.  As BadgerNoonan points out in the post at RRSMB, Yuni B's page at B-Ref was up for sponsorship for the same $60 as Lucroy's.  I could not sit idly by and let that stand, leaving the soul of the Milwaukee Brewers unsponsored.  The Brewers Bar is also proud to sponsor 1970s-80s Brewers catcher/outfielder Charlie Moore, who was an important player for the Crew.  Here's to a great year in '14 and beyond for Lucroy and thanks to he and Moore for their contributions to Milwaukee baseball.

Nick Michalski

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