We’ve been taunted, perhaps…

So, apparently, some perhaps do not like it that Ryan Braun got a standing ovation at today’s opening day event (Proof via Hardballtalk). In which case, I offer a dramatic reenactment, a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail…

illustration by J. Lemont

-illustration by Jess Lemont 3/31/14-

In addition, here’s my own reaction to those specifically opposed to our cheering. Cover your ears, maybe. I’m yelling this at full volume:

illustration by Jess Lemont

illustration by Jess Lemont

In the future, this may require the consideration of a musical theme. For now, we’ve all been spared.


UPDATE: Just noticed Hank, the celebrity pup had a reaction in the form of a comeback to the trolling taunting observation from one prominent writer about how the collective intelligence of Brewers fans may perhaps be strongly correlated with cheering for such a player as Braun. It is listed below the tiny renderings of Hank…

littlehank             littlehank                 littlehank               littlehank              littlehank           littlehank


*I’d also like to add that the main cartoon in this blog is a bit snarky, with my using the names of three of the writers issuing critiques earlier for the 3 taunting characters. After some thought, I should have said in retrospect that my views about the writers do not necessarily match those of others at this blog, should this ever come back to haunt anyone. Thank you.


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Jess is mostly an illustrator, here, providing occasional theme music. As her profile picture would indicate, she does not (or, may not) have a the skill required for flipping bats, so a drawing has replaced it. Really, you could also think of her as the photographer without a camera, in that regard. And, really...maybe it's best not to ask beyond this point.