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Yovani Gallardo – In Support of LGBT Marriage Equality


I’ll admit, I’m over a year and-a-half behind on this news, but, it turns out Milwaukee Brewers RHP, Yovani Gallardo (who is off to a nice start this season-including 30th amongst MLB starters in WAR, with a 0.3 fWAR in just 2 starts) lent his image and name to the worthy cause cause of marriage equality, along with pitchers Matt Cain and Mat Latos. Yo’s wife and son, Yovani Jr., also posed with him for the photograph in 2012 (although, in this link, the photo is dated May 2013)

via South Florida Gay News:

 “Photos depict subjects with duct tape over their mouths symbolizing their voices being silenced by Proposition 8 and other legislation worldwide, and NOH8 painted on one cheek in protest.”

and, more:
“Three-time-All-Star and World Champion Matt Cain from the San Francisco Giants, Mat Latos of the Cincinnati Reds, and 2010 National League Silver Slugger winner Yovani Gallardo for the Milwaukee Brewers are the first current Major Leaguers to lend their faces to marriage equality.”

Right on, Yovani. I want to say this is yet another reason to cheer for him, and it certainly is, but, I was cheering for him, already. I’m realistic in that I don’t expect–or, try my best–not to expect much from athletes beyond performance on the field. However, I do like to celebrate it when I do find out something positive they’ve done. When the first player or players come out in MLB, this Milwaukee Brewers pitcher (or, possibly on another team at that point) will be a supporter and, I’d imagine, an ally.

Pride Baseball image by J. Lemont

Pride Baseball image by J. Lemont


*Image of Yovani Gallardo pitching courtesy Wikipedia under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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