Is “God Bless America” in the 7th Inning Permanent?

With the Washington Nationals in town, my thoughts turn to our nation’s capital and its most famous exports – burdensome attempts at social engineering, paternalistic rules that are unequally enforced, excessive regulations that benefit powerful interests, shortsighted laws with destructive unintended consequences, and never-ending reminders that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  […]


Brewers Wall of Honor is Just Spiffy

Yesterday the Brewers unveiled the new Wall of Honor display on the north side of Miller Park outside left field.  The brainchild of former Brewer player and current Brewer official Craig Counsell, the Wall is meant to commemorate players (plus Uecker and Selig) who left their mark on the franchise.  Individuals earn a spot on […]


No Sympathy for Fan Interference

Yesterday’s Brewers-Pirates game refuted the notion put forth by some casual baseball fans that a 1-0 game isn’t interesting.  If your heart wasn’t rattling your rib cage with every beat when K-Rod had two on with one out in the ninth, I wonder how you know you’re alive (in fairness, you may have a better […]


Why Not Bat the Pitcher Eighth? (Because No One Else Does)

In a recent Notebook, Adam McCalvy reported Ron Roenicke is open to the idea of putting the pitcher in the eighth spot of the batting order: “It has been discussed for the past four or five days, [and] there is merit to it,” Roenicke said. “It depends on your personnel, really on who is […]


Memories of Memorial Day 2009: the Gallardo-Carpenter Duel

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and be grateful for the heroic actions taken in the name of making our lives better.  As a Brewers fan, I can think of few actions more heroic than beating the goddamn Cardinals.  It on this day five years ago that one of the great Brewers win of […]


Are the Brewers Hurting Wang More Than He’s Hurting Them?

After Wei-Chung Wang’s latest batting practice session against the Braves, it’s probably safe to say Brewers fans have seen all we need to see.  The Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday videos put a smile on our face, but there’s nothing funny about any of Wang’s recent appearances.  When Curt Hogg at Disciples of Uecker says Wang’s last […]