Memories of Memorial Day 2009: the Gallardo-Carpenter Duel

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and be grateful for the heroic actions taken in the name of making our lives better.  As a Brewers fan, I can think of few actions more heroic than beating the goddamn Cardinals.  It on this day five years ago that one of the great Brewers win of […]


Are the Brewers Hurting Wang More Than He’s Hurting Them?

After Wei-Chung Wang’s latest batting practice session against the Braves, it’s probably safe to say Brewers fans have seen all we need to see.  The Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday videos put a smile on our face, but there’s nothing funny about any of Wang’s recent appearances.  When Curt Hogg at Disciples of Uecker says Wang’s last […]


Trying to Understand the Unwritten Rules of Pitcher Retaliation

Before yesterday’s Brewers-Pirates game  – the first contest between the two teams since Easter Brawl 2014 – it wasn’t surprising that fans and pundits had retaliation on their minds, particularly since instigator Gerrit Cole was starting for Pittsburgh.  As it turned out, Cole did hit Carlos Gomez in the third inning, but it was an […]


Is There a Dark Side to Wei-Chung Wang Wednesdays?

As you are no doubt aware, the Wei-Chung Wang Wednesdays meme has flirted with internet fame since its launch two weeks ago.  The first installment with Wang and his bullpen mates busting various moves in the locker room was charming enough as far as DIY smartphone videos go.  Last week’s follow-up in St. Louis extended […]


And Now, Some Arbitrary Judgments on the Brewers-Pirates Suspensions

As of this writing, three of the four players suspended for their roles in the Brewers-Pirates brawl Sunday are appealing their punishments.  It seems like the perfect time to express subjective feelings on whether or not the penalties fit my interpretation of the crime. Carlos Gomez – Three-Game Suspension: My first reaction to the incident […]