Trying to Understand the Unwritten Rules of Pitcher Retaliation

Before yesterday’s Brewers-Pirates game  – the first contest between the two teams since Easter Brawl 2014 – it wasn’t surprising that fans and pundits had retaliation on their minds, particularly since instigator Gerrit Cole was starting for Pittsburgh.  As it turned out, Cole did hit Carlos Gomez in the third inning, but it was an […]


Is There a Dark Side to Wei-Chung Wang Wednesdays?

As you are no doubt aware, the Wei-Chung Wang Wednesdays meme has flirted with internet fame since its launch two weeks ago.  The first installment with Wang and his bullpen mates busting various moves in the locker room was charming enough as far as DIY smartphone videos go.  Last week’s follow-up in St. Louis extended […]


And Now, Some Arbitrary Judgments on the Brewers-Pirates Suspensions

As of this writing, three of the four players suspended for their roles in the Brewers-Pirates brawl Sunday are appealing their punishments.  It seems like the perfect time to express subjective feelings on whether or not the penalties fit my interpretation of the crime. Carlos Gomez – Three-Game Suspension: My first reaction to the incident […]


Thoughts on “Baseball in the Dominican Republic: Jean Segura”

After last night’s Brewers/Pirates game, Fox Sports Wisconsin aired the first of three “Baseball in the Dominican Republic” specials that will focus on current – and perhaps future – Brewers.  I hadn’t read this story of the series’ origin until after the first episode aired.  It sounds like a fascinating project: The plan was to […]


Ryan Braun’s Hand Specialist Gets Below Average Online Reviews

When Ryan Braun sat out the second game of the Red Sox series, he shared more detail about his thumb injury than he had previously.  Braun said two potential surgical options were unappealing, but that a third may be promising – except it hasn’t been done many times.  If Braun does eventually decide surgery is […]


The Brewers Bar Weekly Hangover 4/6/14

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our weekly recap.  Each Sunday evening we will review our favorite and least favorite events of the previous week, and share our perspective on how the team is doing.  Please enjoy responsibly.